It’s for this reason we focus our efforts where they matter most—America’s vibrant communities. Local jobs can be preserved through the protection of our working farms and forests, our waterways and ranches. Next generation farmers are ready to step up and meet the demand for local, healthy food. And small businesses on the outskirts of our public lands can flourish when we increase access to the outdoors.

You’ve supported our efforts in the past, and we’re asking you to continue to stand with us today. Help us make a difference for people and nature. Help us create results that last forever.


Saving Exceptional Forests

Saving Exceptional Forests

By protecting America’s working forests, we can safeguard wildlife habitats, preserve rural jobs, provide paper products (yes, toilet paper!), while also addressing climate change and creating boundless recreational opportunities. Read about our ongoing efforts in Pennsylvania, California and West Virginia, and learn more about how we’re pioneering a new model to save the most exceptional forests across the country.


Increasing Access

At the Fund, we focus not only on adding to America’s legacy of conserved lands, but also on ensuring everyone has access to these landscapes. When previously off-limits lands are protected and made open to the public, we see a ripple effect where recreational benefits are immediately apparent, and revenue is generated as tourism increases. Explore a round-up of our efforts including reconnecting kids with year-round access to outdoor activities in the Rockies to protecting premier rock-climbing destinations in the Southeast.


Revitalizing Gateway Communities 2

“Gateway communities” often serve as the first point of contact for visitors to our national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands. By providing services from lodging and dining to selling local products and crafts, they are crucial to attracting visitors to an area and ultimately define the complete outdoor experience! From supporting tourism opportunities to scaffolding local small businesses, read one example of our efforts to help a gateway community succeed in Appalachia.


Helping Small FarmersThe demand for local, healthy food is growing rapidly in America. However, the small, family farm is becoming an endangered species. Watch this video to learn more about how we’re helping next generation farmers acquire land, tap into a growing business opportunity and get sustainably sourced foods to local customers. You’ll learn more about our innovative approach and hear first-hand from a farmer.

Green Bonds: Creating An Investment With Mission Impact

Green Bonds for Working Forests

Our nation’s forests are one of the only truly renewable resources we have in this country. Yet we continue to lose more than a million acres of forest each year due to fragmentation and development. To address this, in September 2019, we worked together with Goldman Sachs to issue the nation’s first green bonds solely dedicated to conserving and protecting working forests in the U.S. Watch this video to learn more.


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