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Watch this video to see some of our highlighted projects in motion. These vast landscapes and community spaces are now protected and will benefit people, wildlife and the planet long into the future.

A BIG Win for a Significant Forest

MN Heritage Image 2021Northern Minnesota’s forests are spectacular and wild, and they hold amazing conservation opportunities within. Our work at Minnesota’s Heritage Forest is ensuring future wildlife habitat, climate resiliency, sustainable economic and recreation activities. Learn more and see the forest’s beauty here.

A 100-Year-Old Community Treasure Remains

Longs Garden Image 2021For years, there was immense pressure to develop Long’s Gardens, a unique, urban farmland in Boulder. We recognized the importance of this farm to the community and wildlife and helped find a solution that works for everyone and protects the farm’s future. Check out this story and view more photos here.

Forever Told: A Piece of the Underground Railroad’s Story

Mifflin House Image 2021The Mifflin House and property hold an unparalleled opportunity to continue uplifting the story of the Underground Railroad. Learn more here about our efforts to protect this historic site and hear from Kathleen Anderson, a Loney family descendant, about the site’s importance to her family and our nation.

A Pit Stop for a Tiny, But Mighty Bird

Misspillion Harbor Image 2021For many years, the shores of Delaware’s Mispillion Harbor were privately owned and at risk of habitat-harming development, which would have greatly impacted the migration of the Red Knot. Learn and see more about this project and how we’ve helped ensure a safe landing spot for generations to come.

A Legacy of Ranching

Santa Rita Ranch 2021When the Santa Rita Ranch came up for sale, fears of development loomed. Protecting a pristine property of this size is a rare and major win for conservation along California’s rapidly developing Central Coast. Learn more and the ranch and see even more photos of this property here.

Growing Strong in Atlanta, Georgia

Working Farms Fund Image 2021We launched our Working Farms Fund pilot program in Atlanta, Georgia, last year. It supports a younger and more diverse generation of farmers by strengthening local food systems and protecting valuable farmland from development. Hear directly from farmers themselves about the program’s significance here.