September 2, 2019| Land
At The Conservation Fund, we believe that working forests can be financially self-sustaining and environmentally healthy. We're demonstrating a new way to sustainably manage these famed forests, as a nonprofit owner that uses both sound environmental strategy and sound economics—including a "light-touch" harvest regimen, sales of carbon offsets and a supply of local jobs.

We work with our partners to skillfully manage both forest growth and harvest to ensure that these forests remain viable ecosystems for generations to come. Since 2004, we have owned and managed more than 74,000 acres: the Garcia River, Big River, Salmon Creek and Gualala River forests. In addition to restoring the forests' watersheds and supporting local economies, these efforts fight climate change. Our forest properties were among the first and largest to receive verification as a source of greenhouse gas reductions under the protocols of the Climate Action Reserve.