June 26, 2015| Community Development

America’s cities represent a unique opportunity for The Conservation Fund to provide our full suite of conservation services: land loans, real estate expertise, green infrastructure planning, community development, green business lending and job creation. It is this integration of services that makes The Conservation Fund an ideal partner for helping solve the complex problems facing urban landscapes. 

For each Parks with Purpose project, we work with the local community to identify, protect and restore the very best land that creates safer places for children to play and families to gather. We also demonstrate how these natural areas can filter, slow and clean floodwaters, grow healthy food and create green jobs.

In Atlanta, we are working with a variety of partners, including Greening Youth Foundation, to build the first park for the English Avenue neighborhood. Greening Youth Foundation’s (GYF) mission is to work with diverse, underserved and underrepresented children, youth and young adults in an effort to develop and nurture enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards. GYF’s cultural based environmental education programing engages children from local communities and exposes them to healthy lifestyle choices in order to create an overall healthy community. GYF believes that youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds can greatly benefit from the career opportunities presented within the state and federal land management sectors. Accordingly, GYF continues to develop and strengthen partnerships with land management agencies to provide service and internship opportunities for youth and young adults thereby creating pathways to conservation careers.