December 20, 2015| Community Development

Through a community-driven process focused on the environment, the local economy, and most importantly, the people, this new Park With Purpose is providing numerous benefits.

We’ve transformed six vacant and blighted lots into the first park for the English Avenue community, providing a unique nature based setting in a densely urban environment. The neighborhood finally has a safe place for kids to play and for community members to gather. Stormwater runoff from the adjacent street is being collected in a series of large raingardens, absorbing and cleaning the water before it reaches the stream that runs across the property. 

Through a partnership with Greening Youth Foundation’s Atlanta Youth Corps, and with support from U-Haul and its customers, we have trained and employed four young adults from the community during the construction of the new park, expanding their skill sets and increasing their employment opportunities. 

An additional job-training program in partnership with Georgia Build Up and Lifecycle Building Center allowed more than 20 residents to gain skills in asbestos abatement, as well as the deconstruction and demolition of an old home that was on the site. Materials from the home were salvaged and repurposed to support community groups and other nonprofits. 

Partnering with grassroots organizations like the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, Proctor Creek Stewardship Council and Community Improvement Association, we’ve provided educational opportunities for Proctor Creek Stewards and local residents through a Watershed Academy program. 

Not to forget the wildlife, we collaborated with the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Trees Atlanta to ensure that all the new trees, shrubs and flowers we’re adding are native and help support local pollinator species, including our birds, bees and butterflies.