April 20, 2017| Community Development

We help rural communities thrive. Through our Balancing Nature and Commerce in Rural Communities Program, we create on-the-ground solutions by helping towns and regions engage diverse constituencies and achieve strong conservation, community, and economic development outcomes.

Our focus is on strengthening rural communities: places defined by landscapes and natural resources—farming, forestry, ranching, renewable energy, rural manufacturing, recreational destinations, and the gateway communities to our great American parks, forests, and other public and private resource lands.

The Balancing Nature and Commerce Program works with communities to capitalize sustainably on local assets, helping them safeguard their unique sense of place, create and retain jobs, and attract entrepreneurs, while commanding the attention of new funders, resources, and partners.

In rural communities across the country, The Conservation Fund's Conservation Leadership Network's field of experts start by asking the questions to help communities frame solutions that are right for them, then create the infrastructure to implement their vision. Each community is unique, so we tailor our services to complement local qualities and needs, thus ensuring that the community is “thriving, not just surviving.”