This film tells the story of The Conservation Fund's partnership with the Alaska Native Village of Eklutna to remove a deadbeat dam and restore Pacific salmon.

For five years The Conservation Fund and our partners worked diligently to remove an abandoned dam along the Lower Eklutna River near Anchorage that was crippling salmon populations.

We teamed with Eklutna Inc., an Alaska Native village corporation, to raise $7.5 million for one of the most ambitious habitat restoration projects ever attempted in the state. Eklutna and its subsidiary, Eklutna Construction and Maintenance, LLC, worked over a three-year period to remove the dam and in 2018, the last piece was taken down. For the first time in 89 years, five species of Pacific salmon in the Eklutna River can once again move upstream, providing the rich subsistence resource on which the Eklutna Dena’ina people have traditionally relied.

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