October 28, 2014
“We are very pleased that salmon produced at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute have achieved the top Best-Choice (Green) sustainability ranking by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.  The ranking specifically recognizes farmed Atlantic salmon produced in land-based closed containment Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

“Independent, third-party sustainability ranking systems such as Seafood Watch, as well as SeaChoice in Canada, play an important role in lifting all sectors of the seafood industry to optimal performance and creating aspirational sustainability targets for seafood producers and suppliers.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Best Choice ranking for salmon produced in land-based systems was based on an in-depth assessment of the Freshwater Institute’s aquaculture system.  It also assessed two commercial producers; Kuterra, in British Columbia, Canada, and Atlantic Sapphire in Hvide Sande, Denmark.  The top scores achieved by the three facilities resulted in the global assessment finding of Best Choice (Green) for all Atlantic salmon farmed in similar land-based closed containment RAS.

 “The Best-Choice ranking by Seafood Watch is important global recognition for a rapidly emerging fish farming practice and a new source of Atlantic salmon that will meet consumer demand for safe, traceable and sustainably produced seafood.  The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute recognizes the collaborative data contributions from our assessment peers in Denmark and Canada, which we believe places us definitively as leaders in the future of aquaculture development.  We expect that this affirmative Best-Choice ranking will strongly stimulate consumer demand for top-ranked Best Choice farmed salmon products and that growing market demand will send a signal to investors to place capital into companies growing sustainable seafood produced in land-based RAS.

“The Conservation Fund recognizes the USDA Agriculture Research Service, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Tides Canada and other private donors, commercial partners and academic collaborators for their many years of sustained support as we work together toward a common goal of sustainable and secure food systems.  The Seafood Watch Best-Choice ranking is both confirmation that we’re on the right path and a challenge for us to keep advancing.

“Meeting the global protein gap, strengthening local food value-chain connections, supporting sustainable working landscapes for food and forestry, The Conservation Fund is addressing the challenges and creating the solutions that balance environmental and economic goals of communities.  The Fund’s Freshwater Institute specializes in the advancement of water reuse RAS technology through research, consultation and collaboration.”

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