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Connecting Passion and Philanthropy

Whether you feel a deep connection to the mountains or shorelines near your hometown, find solace in hiking on your favorite trail, or are passionate about protecting a neighborhood park down the street, we all have personal reasons that ignite a love for nature. But as we know, the increasing demand for protecting lands with high conservation value comes at a price. That’s why the continued support of our donors is so critical to our work—they make it possible for us to meet the increasing demands of protecting our most critical land and water resources.

2018AnnualReport Harriet Tubman Rural Legacy Area MD c EcoPhotography201904058 7The Harriet Tubman Rural Legacy Area in Maryland. Photo by EcoPhotography.

Gretchen Hoffmann and Bill Chudd live with their two boys in Connecticut and have been loyal donors to The Conservation Fund for over a decade. They understand the importance of making lasting investments in the lands they love. Gretchen grew up in upstate New York, wading through streams and collecting bugs in her backyard. Her family always made sure nature was close by and was a valued part of their lives. Gretchen and Bill work hard to do the same for their own family. “We realize how lucky we are to have access to nature, and we support the Fund’s determination to improve access to the outdoors for everyone. We hope our boys will grow up loving and protecting our environment as well.”

2018AnnualReport Hoffmann Chudd Westport sittingGretchen and Bill with their family in Westport, Connecticut. Photo by Jenaé Weinbrenner.

It was important for Gretchen and Bill to find an organization that matched their passion for conservation with accountability and financial responsibility. “We initially found The Conservation Fund through Charity Navigator,” said Bill. “And their consistently good rating helped give us confidence in our choice to support them. All of their projects and initiatives are built on the premise that conservation is good for both the environment and economy, which we think sets them apart from so many other organizations.” 

No matter what inspires you to give, our donors are helping ensure our forests, historic sites, parks and other special places across the country are here now and for future generations to enjoy. Conservation takes teamwork. And we couldn’t do this without you.

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Ainsley Pittman

In her role as The Conservation Fund’s Development Manager, Ainsley Pittman works with our donors from across the country whose annual financial gifts make our work possible. She oversees our Annual Fund, Cornerstone Society, and Planned Giving program. When she's not at work, Ainsley loves being outside with her husband, young daughter and two dogs, and spending time behind her pottery wheel.