November 22, 2017|By The Conservation Fund| Support our Efforts

The past year has been a trying time for America’s lands. Over the summer we watched swaths of our nation’s West Coast fight raging wildfires exacerbated by record-breaking heat; a weeklong deluge of rain from Hurricane Harvey created unprecedented flooding in Houston—our nation’s fourth-largest city; and Hurricanes Irma and Maria, strengthened by the ever-warming waters of the Caribbean, caused destruction across Florida, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and neighboring islands. These same scenes have played out across the globe, and it’s reasonable to think our only opportunity to lessen these disasters has passed us by.

But nature is resilient. If we restore prairies, the birds return. If we clear a dam and let the river flow again—as it did for centuries— fish return, spawn and flourish. When a forest is burned, it will regrow and provide us once again with a dynamic ecosystem.

Eklutna 800x600 copy
Alaska’s Eklutna River is the site of a dam demolition project, that when completed, will restore the historic salmon runs, support the local economy, and return the integrity of the river to the people of Eklutna. Photo by Eklutna Inc.

We marvel at the brilliance of the natural world that enables it to adapt to astonishing changes, while acknowledging that a permanent change in climate will have devastating ramifications for many species and landscapes. There is still time for optimism, but we need to continue to innovate and bring conservation solutions to communities across the country.

Skinner 800x600
The permanent protection of Skinner Mountain Forest in Tennessee will preserve critical wildlife habitat and allow the public to enjoy the beauty of the Cumberland Plateau now and for years to come. Photo by David Johnston.

This year, and every year before, The Conservation Fund has helped nature recover, restore and thrive. Your generosity and support help us continue to make these moments a reality. Together we add to our public lands system, save wetlands, restore waterways and help communities become stronger through nature’s protection. You have always trusted us to put your contributions to use wisely and succeed in finding the right conservation solution for every community. We ask that you join us again this year to give a gift of optimism, a gift of nature. 

This year, our board members gave us a challenge: Raise $150K, and they will match it. That means starting on November 23 you can make your gift go twice as far, because each dollar donated to us between 11/23 and 12/9 will be matched up to $150K. Thank you for your support.

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