December 12, 2017|By Jena Thompson Meredith| Partnerships
As holiday gifts are wrapped and opened this month, we are thankful for those who give and for a season of generosity. While being thankful for family, friends and community, we can also extend a moment of gratitude to what makes possible the packaging and wrapping paper that got ripped apart: America’s forests.

Our forests clean the air we breathe, provide critical habitat for wildlife, and filter the water for over half of Americans. They also are important to the economy, supplying 2.8 million jobs, fueling mills, and sustaining hundreds of logging towns across the country.

12 12 ConservationFund Mendo DRONE 06Big River Forest. Photo by Rachid Dahnoun.

But America’s forests are not as abundant today—in fact, the threat to them is perhaps the greatest environmental challenge of our time. In just over a decade, we’re slated to lose more than 45 million acres of one of our natural resources that gives so much back to our country, our economy, and our health. And of course, they provide the wood for our homes, as well as fiberboard for billions of boxes that package, ship, and wrap our holiday gifts.  

The following are some eloquent thoughts from several of our valued partners who are working to address the critically important issues of forest loss and climate change, zeroing out emissions, building smarter, more resilient forest supply chains and creating stronger communities. We thank them for all they have accomplished on behalf of America’s treasured forestlands.

Gina-Goff_405x450 (2).jpgI was lucky to grow up spending time in the fields of my grandparents’ farms, and in the woods near our house where I could explore and dream. Forests and protected lands hold deep meaning for me and of course are important to communities, to wildlife, the economy and to our country.”

- Gina Goff, Senior Director of Community Involvement, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Photo by C&S Wholesale Grocers. Through our decade-long partnership with C&S, we’ve helped protect and restore forests from California to New Hampshire. Learn more about our partnership with C&S here.


Trisa-Thompson-405x450.jpgA single acre of trees can offset the carbon emissions of two cars annually. Tree planting is not just an exercise in undoing the damage of the past - it is a commitment to hope, to a healthy and clean future. Today’s saplings are tomorrow’s forests.”

- Trisa Thompson, Senior Vice President & Chief Responsibility Officer, Dell

Photo by Dell. Support from Dell, its customers and employees has helped to plant one million trees across the globe. Learn more about our partnership with Dell here.

Lauren_Fety_1.jpgI’ve always been drawn to forests, which can perhaps be blamed on childhood exploration, and my fascination with forests has only grown as I’ve worked with our loggers, carbon team, and Working Forest model.”

- Lauren Fety, Forest Analyst, The Conservation Fund

Photo by Rachid Dahnoun. 
Lauren focuses on analysis, modeling, and reporting for forest management and carbon offsets in California. She also assists in the woods with monitoring and Timber Harvest Plan preparation. Learn more about the Working Forest Fund here.

Steve-Waters-405x450.jpgForests give us the opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life and relax. We were thankful thissummer to give four associates a relaxing 3-night paid trip to Sonoma County to view the beauty of the Garcia River Forest and the gift it provides our company through its carbon offsets.”

- Steve Walters, Economist/Community Manager, American Licorice Company

Steve Walters (second from left) and the American Licorice team at the Fund’s Garcia River Forest. Photo by American Licorice. Support from American Licorice Company helps the Fund conserve forests in Mendocino County, California. In addition to trapping carbon, these forests are safeguarding important biodiversity and wildlife, like the endangered northern spotted owl. Learn more about our  partnership with American Licorice here.

James-Rogers-405x450.jpgIt’s almost impossible to summit a mountain without hiking through a forest first. With such a strong climbing heritage, our athletes have hiked through many of these forests. The North Face also recognizes the value of forests to combat climate change through their ability to draw carbon out of the atmosphere, which is why some of our offsets come from improved forest management and tree planting through The Conservation Fund.”

- James Rogers, Senior Sustainability Manager, The North Face

Photo by The North Face. Since 2008, The North Face has worked with the Fund to calculate and offset the carbon footprint from its employee commuting and business travel. This program protects biodiversity and restores forests across America that are trapping carbon dioxide as the trees grow.  Learn more about our partnership with The North Face here.


Michelle-Sullivan-405x450.jpgTrees enrich our lives through their beauty, their ability to clean the air, and their contributions to a healthy ecosystem that sustains life for our human and wildlife populations across the globe. As beautiful, living symbols of resilience, restoration and survival, trees further offer us comfort and hope, modeling a more-sustainable future for us all.”

- Michelle Sullivan, Manager of Corporate Sustainability, U-Haul International

Michelle Sullivan visits The Conservation Fund’s North Coast forests in California. Photo by Rachid Dahnoun. More than 1.5 million customers give back at checkout to protect and restore forests. Learn more about our decade-long partnership with U-Haul here.

Tamara-Baker-405x450.jpgForests are important for their beauty, but even more, they are critical for maintaining wildlife, filtering air and water, and helping to maintain connected waterways and the balance of our ecosystems. Carefully managed forests help support the health of the planet and all who live here.”

- Tamara Barker, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vice President Environmental Affairs, UPS

Tamara Barker tours The Conservation Fund’s North Coast forests in California. Photo by Rachid Dahnoun. Support from UPS carbon neutral shipping supports the Fund’s forests at Garcia River, Big River and Salmon Creek Forests in Mendocino County, California. Learn more about our work with UPS here.

The gifts that forests provide cannot be taken for granted. We need your help to keep these lands working for America and for all of us. Together with our public and private partners, we’ve worked to protect more than two million acres of forests and plant more than 10 million trees. But it’s not enough. Please donate today to support our work that allows our forests to keep on giving.

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