May 22, 2017|By NRG Editorial Team| Partnerships

Imagine a world where trees, wildlife and open spaces weren’t on the decline. A world where we all made a conscious effort to preserve natural habitats. By conserving communities and educating future generations, we can bring a greener earth from imagination to reality.

Today, we’re proud to partner with an organization striving to do just that. The Conservation Fund is a non-profit focused on environmental conservation and economic development. It works across the U.S. with communities to protect land, water and wildlife, and not surprisingly, this partnership has many synergies.

“Preserving the environment is congruent with NRG’s efforts as a company to enhance people’s lives and deliver value to our stakeholders. By saving more than 7.8 million acres in all 50 states, The Conservation Fund is making conservation a reality in America. In today’s business environment, we believe that corporations’ social and environmental commitments are intertwined with their economic and financial responsibilities. The good that will come out of NRG’s partnership with The Conservation Fund is invaluable and will benefit many generations to come,” Bruno Sarda, NRG’s head of Sustainability, explains.

We’re delighted to support The Conservation Fund’s forward-thinking approach to protecting and restoring forests that build a brighter future for our communities and environment.

“Sustaining the Earth’s natural resources is important to us, and partnering with The Conservation Fund allows us to make a lasting, positive impact. Together, we can do even more to help build sustainable communities and protect ecosystems.” explains Jennifer Brunelle, head of positiveNRG, NRG’s charitable giving arm.

NRG’s support for The Conservation Fund will benefit two key projects, in Pennsylvania and Texas. The proximity of these two projects to our employees and customers makes this partnership extra special for us.

  • Conservation at Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve and Environmental Center, a non-profit education and conservation organization.
  • Reforestation efforts at the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, a 25,000-acre network of lands and waters within the National Wildlife Refuge System.

“We believe business and conservation are strongest when they work together,” said Jena Thompson Meredith, VP of Business Partnerships at The Conservation Fund. “For more than 30 years, we’ve worked with business to advance social responsibility and sustainability priorities. We are proud to work with NRG to help craft measurable and lasting conservation solutions that are good for the environment and communities.”

Stay tuned for more on our partnership with The Conservation Fund in the months to come.

5 22 NRG kidsPhoto by Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.
5 22 NRG worker
Photo by Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.