December 10, 2018|By Joe Klementovich| Land
To be successful as a freelance photographer, I need great locations, interesting topics and a team of people who share my goals. In many ways, I found the Value Chain Initiative to be very similar to my work, as its success depends on the collaborative effort of people willing and excited to work together to create something worthwhile. 

From the moment I started photographing people in the region for this project, every business or person I worked with suggested a list of other people or businesses I should add to the shot list. An ever-growing list is intimidating for a photographer, but as a community it’s exactly what is needed—people helping each other grow and develop. 

When someone opens a new shop it becomes part of the fabric of the area, enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Add to that mix better hiking trail maps, stunning scenery, access to rental gear, professional guides, great craft beer and delicious food, and the fabric becomes deeper, richer and stronger. It becomes a place people want to live in, visit and share with their friends.

My work photographing the region as part of this Initiative has left me with a long list of new friends and a longer list of places to come back to and explore. The following images were created from all across the region and show a glimpse of the people, towns, activities and beauty that is woven throughout.

Crucial to any outdoor pursuit is a base to start from. At Hubnorth, Jason and Kara Hunter have created a comfortable, friendly and inviting campground and lodge that will make any outdoor enthusiast excited to visit the area. These types of appealing and creative places are the backbone of an outdoor economy in an area where hotels and other lodging options are limited. The tents and yurt camping help set the campground apart from other options in the region.
Klementovich 20180620 JCK6250Hubnorth; Gorham, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Quality local food will always have a place in any healthy lifestyle. Everyone likes to experience great food after a long day of exploring the local trails or waterways. Supporting these small chefs and bakers help bring and keep healthy food options to locals as well as visitors.
Klementovich 20180707 JCK8424Polish Princess Bakery; Lancaster, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Craft beer and brew pubs are becoming destinations for affectionados to travel to and explore. Throughout the north, more are opening up and getting whole-hearted support from locals. A key to the success of any small start up is the support it gets from the year-round residents to keep the beer flowing when the tourists are waiting for the next season to arrive.
Klementovich 20180707 JCK9083Copper Pig Brewery; Lancaster, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

A whole posse of young kids riding the pump track at Parker Mountain. Fun for all ages, the mountain biking at Parker Mountain has quickly become a cornerstone of local riding, as well as a draw for riders near and far. Support for local businesses and volunteers makes if possible for the riding to improve each year.
Klementovich 20180803 JCK4419Littleton Bike; Littleton, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

There’s nothing better than cold ice cream after a hot day of riding. Local kids enjoy a cone after riding the local trails=small business supporting another small business.
Klementovich 20180803 JCK4837Bishops Homemade Ice Cream; Littleton, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

With miles and miles of multi-use trails winding through the northern parts of New Hampshire, it’s hard not to find long scenic sections to explore with friends. These trails provide easy access to entry level running and biking usually right near town making it ideal for beginners to start exercising and connecting with the outdoors.
Klementovich 20180816 JCK6900Colebrook, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Taking advantage of unique qualities of northern New Hampshire can mean little or no traffic on some of the most scenic roads around. There are a variety of group rides each week suitable for novices or the more hard-charging athletes training for big races. The well-maintained highways running north to south make ideal training grounds for cyclists looking to get in miles of fresh air and beautiful views.
Klementovich 20180816 JCK7738Spoke N’ Word; Colebrook, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

The natural beauty of the area is a focal point for most human-powered activities and for good reason. Pristine lakes and woods make an ideal setting to bring family and friends together for vacations and weekends spent camping, canoeing, and paddle-boarding. The out-of-the-way places provide quiet, solitude and respite to recharge and reconnect with nature. Sunsets draw all of us outside before turning in for the night, setting the stage for campfires, marshmallows and fireside chats that go well into the night. 
Klementovich 20180819 JCK8832Lake Umbagog; Errol, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Skilled guides are a key part of the continued success of the fly fishing, rafting, climbing and hunting segments of the outdoor economy. A great guide can make the difference to a novice and how they continue to explore the area and the sports that are integral to it.
Klementovich 20180902 JCK1384Magalloway, Maine. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

As important as a solid infrastructure, wild places get people to come back and explore unknown places. The allure of the unknown and to get off the beaten path draws young and old adventurers to the hidden gems that are scattered throughout the north.
Klementovich 20180902 JCK7103Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Almost gone are the stars near the big cities. The mountains and vast forested acres of Northern New Hampshire are the ideal backdrop for watching the stars and viewing the Milky Way. On a cold clear night you can almost reach out and touch the clouds of stars spread across the inky black night skies.
Klementovich 20180908 JCK3711Androscoggin River. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Dixville Notch is rugged, dramatic and unique. Hiking trails, overlooks and quiet back roads are the highlights of the northern notch and if one is brave enough a great view straight down into the notch.
Klementovich 20180912 DJI 0071Dixville, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

The border of New Hampshire and Vermont is made by the Connecticut River. A river that changes from mile to mile, winding through farmland, rushing through forested gorges and rippling around rocks hiding trout. A paddle trip along the Connecticut River is an intimate way to explore the region and enjoy some of the most scenic places in both Vermont and New Hampshire, and a little of Canada if you go far enough north.
Klementovich 20180916 JCK0066Stratford, New Hampshire. Photo by Joe Klementovich.

Joe Klementovich is a freelance photographer who works with editorial, commercial and non-profit clients in and around New England. His work is influenced by life outside—the intersection of humans and nature. Joe has worked with Patagonia, The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service, NH Magazine, The New York Times, and others. Time spent as an engineer, climbing guide, and avalanche forecaster helped develop his appreciation for the forces of nature and how we interact with it. Recent work with Hubbard Brook Research Foundation has moved his focus deeper into climate change issues and human impacts on the environment. Visit for more.