Face Of This Place

Jena Thompson Meredith, Upper Ouachita NWR

What has been your role with the Fund begin to restore the Upper Ouachita National Wildlife?
As head of the Fund’s Go Zero® program, and director of our corporate marketing campaigns, I’ve been lucky to work with the staff at U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service to raise funds from the private sector to help restore forestland at Upper Ouachita NWR for federally threatened species like the Louisiana black bear.  

What is your connection to Upper Ouachita? 
I was raised on wildlife refuges, so when I get a chance to get out in the field, to ride on a four wheeler across the muddy landscape, to watch as a vast winged mass of pintails take flight, and to hear the twigs crack under my boots as I walk through the forest, it reminds me of my youth.  I’ve met the biologists and the foresters who work these lands and care for these little trees, and there are no finer stewards. I know we are making a difference. And I’m incredibly optimistic about the results we’ve been able to achieve.

Do you have any stories or notable anecdotes about your work at Upper Ouachita?
Thanks both Go Zero donors and through tree planting marketing campaigns on Facebook and in stores, we’ve planted one million trees at Upper Ouachita over an area that’s about three times the size of New York’s Central Park. Now that’s good dirt!


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