Donor Profile

Molly Zucchet from California

Molly-Zucchet-letter-photo-300x200Molly’s signature on the letter accompanying her donation thrilled our staff. What is more inspiring than a child sharing their love for nature? Thank you, Molly! After learning about a number of environmental issues in school, this motivated third grader decided she wanted to do something to make a difference. 

With help from her brother and cousin, Molly set up a small stand near her home in San Diego to sell lemonade and cookies to her neighbors. The stand went up in honor of Earth Day in April and was a great success! 

We are proud that Molly chose to donate the proceeds from her lemonade stand to us after learning about our work protecting America’s outdoors. We’re grateful for Molly’s passion to help protect your favorite places around the country—she is truly an inspiring individual!