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Dan Wilensky from Oregon

I support land conservation mainly because I want there to be something left for my kids to enjoy.

I grew up in northern California, and spent most of my time outdoors. California’s natural resources were (and still are) spectacular. As a kid, my family frequented Mount Tamalpais, Yosemite, Tahoe, the Redwood Forest, the Sierra Foothills and various lakes and small farms. I have fond memories of river rafting, hiking, and drinking fresh spring water in the mountains. Tilden Park (in the East Bay) was practically in my back yard, and they have their wonderful Little Farm, various nature programs, and day camps for kids. By the time I was 3, I had a pretty deep appreciation for what nature had to offer.

After living in the New York area for the last 33 years, I recently moved my family to Portland, Oregon. One of the main reasons was to escape the overcrowded and polluted conditions. Oregon is a stark contrast: much of the state is a model for smart environmental stewardship; the air is sweeter and the water is cleaner; people and businesses here take recycling and composting seriously, and don’t dump their junk in the waterways or on the beach.

Why I Choose To Support The Fund

I was checking Charity Navigator and The Conservation Fund stood out—big time! First, 97 percent of contributions go directly to the programs they are intended to support. Instead of producing slick commercials, the Fund makes every dollar count. They walk the walk. And the results speak for themselves: Almost 7 million acres preserved, among other accomplishments.