When a 150-acre property within the borders of Glacier Bay National Park went up for sale in 2018, we and our partners knew it had to be protected. Its pristine ecology and cultural values to the Tlingit people could not be lost. By utilizing capital from our Revolving Fund, we were able to step in, purchase the land and hold it until the National Park Service could acquire it with LWCF funding in 2020. Now the property known as Berg Bay is officially part of the national park where it will forever provide new lands to explore and the continuation of traditional tribal ceremonies.

Berg Bay quote
“The identity of the Huna Tlingit depends on maintaining meaningful connections with Glacier Bay Homeland. Bringing our youth to sacred places like Chookanhéeni [Berg Bay] to harvest fish, to learn our stories, to be part of our history, and to walk with ancestors—that is what sustains our culture. We cannot and must not let that go.”

- Bob Starbard, Tribal Administrator for the Hoonah Indian Association

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