• Lawrence A. Selzer

    Larry Selzer

    As president and chief executive officer of the Fund since 2001, Larry Selzer leads an executive team that charts the organization’s strategy and equips the staff to succeed. Under Larry’s leadership, the Fund has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to conservation,… Read More

  • Richard L. Erdmann

    Rich Erdmann

    As executive vice president and general counsel, Rich Erdmann oversees The Conservation Fund’s real estate and legal functions.  Rich helped found the Fund in 1985 and has played a direct role in many of the organization’s major projects. Prioritizing effective,… Read More

  • David K. Phillips

    Dave Philipps

    As executive vice president and chief financial officer, Dave Phillips ensures that The Conservation Fund maintains the highest standards of nonprofit performance. Since Dave joined the Fund in 1999, the organization has grown its net assets four-fold, while consistently earning… Read More

  • Mark W. Elsbree

    Mark Elsbree

    Mark Elsbree, Senior Vice President, Real Estate, leads the Fund’s conservation efforts across the Western U.S. Since joining the Fund in 1998, Mark  has led dozens of key land conservation initiatives, including a nationally recognized partnership that has protected more than … Read More

  • Blaine T. Phillips

    Blaine Phillips

    As Senior Vice President of Real Estate, representing the Fund’s mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest regions, Blaine Phillips brings a lifelong passion for the outdoors to his work. Blaine is based in Wilmington, Delaware, where he works to save lands key… Read More

  • Matthew S. Sexton

    Matt Sexton

    As the Fund’s Senior Vice President, Real Estate, in the Southeast Region and as national real estate coordinator at the Fund, Matt Sexton covers a lot of ground.  He has played a key role in saving some of the southeast’s classic coastline… Read More

  • Sydney Macy

    Sydney Macy

    As Senior Vice President at The Conservation Fund, Sydney Macy is one of the leading forces for conservation in Colorado. Since joining the Fund in 1994, Sydney  has successfully protected dozens of family ranches along the I-25 corridor, including sweeping… Read More

  • Robin Murphy

    Robin Murphy

    Robin Murphy, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, leads the Fund’s marketing and communication efforts across the U.S. His former positions include: Vice President of External Relations at World Resources Institute, Vice President of Communications at Conservation International, and… Read More

  • Alisa Borland

    Alisa Borland

    As Vice President of Development, Alisa Borland leads the Fund’s fundraising efforts and donor relations. Since joining the Fund in 2004, Alisa has built a major donor program, launched new communications channels and developed key strategies for reaching a new generation… Read More

  • Thomas R. Duffus

    Tom Duffus

    As the Fund’s Vice President of Real Estate for the Midwest, Tom Duffus leads land conservation efforts across a sprawling geography, including iconic features such as the  Great Lakes and the upper Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Tom sets his conservation goals… Read More

  • Joseph A. Hankins

    Joe Hankin

    Director of the Fund’s Freshwater Institute in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and a Vice President, Joe Hankins brings a biologist’s eye and an entrepreneur’s passion to key conservation issues of food security and water availability. Joe joined the Fund in 1992 to develop… Read More

  • Erik J. Meyers

    Erik J. Myers

    As a Vice President at The Conservation Fund, Erik Meyers works to advance business strategy for mitigation opportunities, mainly for projects that impact energy, water and transportation infrastructure. He also chairs the Board of Directors of the Natural Capital Investment… Read More

  • Jodi O’Day

    Jodi O'Day

    As Vice President, Regional Counsel and Assistant Secretary at the Fund, Jodi O’Day provides legal counsel to staff regarding real estate transactions and land conservation issues. Since joining the Fund in 1996, Jodi has been primary to conservation strategy, ensuring… Read More

  • Mikki Sager

    Mikki Sager

    Mikki Sager is a Fund Vice President and Director of the Resourceful Communities Program.  Over more than 20 years at the Fund, Mikki  has helped low-income communities develop programs that generate economic, social and environmental benefits. Today, among other efforts,… Read More

  • Evan Smith

    Evan Smith

    As Vice President of Conservation Ventures at the Fund, Evan Smith adds an entrepreneurial twist to classic conservation. Evan oversees programs that invest in green business and working forests to generate both economic and environmental return.  Since joining the Fund… Read More