Who We Are

At A Glance

  • Founded in 1985.
  • Saved more than 7 million acres across America.
  • Headquartered in Arlington, VA, with field offices nationwide.

The Conservation Fund has led land conservation efforts for nearly 30 years. During this time, we’ve protected more than 7 million acres across America, from the park down the street to historic battlefields, wild areas and favorite destinations of all kinds. We work hand-in-hand with community and government leaders, businesses, landowners, conservation nonprofits and other partners to save the places that matter most.

What Makes Us Different

Our mission is to save land for future generations. From day one, we have also sought to balance environmental and economic goals for a win-win. That’s reflected in the types of land we save, the collaborations we build, and our willingness to take strategic risks. We have consistently shown that effective land conservation makes good economic sense. In addition to saving land directly, we act swiftly to accelerate and sustain conservation. Our team helps communities strategically plan for development, provides loans to small green businesses, and works with companies to compensate for environmental impacts, among other efforts. With our skills and financial resources, we make land conservation a viable choice. We want to be sure your favorite places stay that way.