Historic Places

Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield. Photo by Mary Harrsch/Flickr

America’s story begins outdoors. Our lands and waters are the backdrop for our most poignant national memories: homesteads, explorations, war, escape, adventure and more. From day one at The Conservation Fund, we’ve worked to protect the places where history was made.

Civil War Battlefield Conservation: Focus On Gettysburg Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg National Military Park commemorates the Battle of Gettysburg, known as a turning point in the Civil War and, with 51,000 casualties, its bloodiest conflict. More than 1.2 million people visit each year to learn about the three-day battle and… Read More

Civil War Battlefield Conservation: Focus on Antietam Bloody Lane, Antietam

Known as the bloodiest single day battle in the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam took place on September 17, 1862 over 12 square-miles. More than 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or went missing during the battle. Since our founding,… Read More

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Park Photograph of Harriet Tubman/Photo courtesy Library of Congress.

Harriet Tubman was a true American hero. Born on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Tubman spent nearly 30 years of her life as a slave. She escaped but repeatedly returned to Dorchester and Caroline counties to rescue other African Americans, leading them… Read More

San Juan National Historic Park San-Juan-Island_Katie-and-Ian_flickr_390x260

Located just a short ferry ride or flight away from mainland Washington, the beautiful San Juan Islands are a favorite destination for kayakers, hikers, whale watchers and other outdoor enthusiasts. San Juan Island National Historical Park, found on San Juan Island,… Read More

Delaware’s “First State National Monument” Woodlawn property, future National Park

The Obama Administration designated the First State National Monument in Delaware on March 25, 2013. Finally, more than 140 years after America’s first national park was created, all 50 states are represented in our park system. The new monument includes… Read More

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

Over 400 years ago, Captain John Smith arrived in the New World—and changed it forever. In addition to helping found Jamestown, the first permanent American settlement, Smith became the first English explorer to map the Chesapeake Bay. He and his… Read More

Lewis And Clark National Historical Park Image of Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark National Historic Park

In 2003, in honor of the bicentennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the Fund embarked on a major campaign to commemorate this legendary journey by protecting open space, river corridors and resources associated with the passage. Through our Lewis… Read More

State Game Lands 93: Honoring The Heroes Of Flight 93 Mementos and flags at Flight 93 memorial

In 2006, the Fund and the Pennsylvania Game Commission announced the establishment of State Game Lands 93 by protecting 100 acres located immediately north of the Flight 93 National Memorial.  The Fund and our partners are ensuring that these lands are preserved in solemn… Read More

Fort Davis National Historic Site Fort Davis Texas

The Fund protects the landscapes that define America’s history. That’s why we worked with a group of partners to protect lands around Fort Davis National Historic Site in Texas. Although many of the original buildings and most of the surrounding landscape… Read More

Camp Security: A Revolutionary War POW Camp Camp Security

We helped Springettsbury Township, in York County, Pennsylvania, save Camp Security, the site of a Revolutionary War prisoner-of-war camp. Camp Security is one of only a handful of POW camps established during the Revolutionary War era that have not been… Read More

Brandywine Battlefield: A Revolutionary War Historic Site birds flying over Brandywine Battlefield

When America declared its independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, a long and fierce fight was just beginning to unfold across the farms and meadows of our new nation. The American Revolution lasted more than five grueling years—and forever… Read More

Canyons Of The Ancients Canyons of the Ancients

Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, in southwest Colorado, contains some of the highest known densities of archaeological sites in the nation—averaging more than 100 sites per square mile. Cliff dwellings, villages, shrines, petroglyphs, kivas, agricultural fields and other ancient… Read More

Japanese-American Internment Camp Preservation Initiative: Minidoka Barracks at Minidoka Japanese Internment Camp

At the start of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the forced relocation and incarceration of Japanese-Americans to internment camps. About 120,000 people were interned during the war; families were forced to leave their… Read More

Hopewell Spruce Hill Works Hopewell mounds at the Hopewell National Historic Site

The most extraordinary achievements of the  Hopewell people were the huge earthworks they built, including walls of stone and earth to surround their ceremonial places.  About two thousand years ago they built a stone wall that encloses 150 acres on a… Read More

Saving A 300-Year-Old Colonial Settlement Site In Connecticut waterfall at sheep farm

The town of Groton, Connecticut, has a long history dating to before its incorporation in 1705, and the 63-acre Sheep Farm property is part of that history. When the Groton Open Space Association (GOSA), which works to save historic and… Read More

Monmouth Battlefield State Park Monmouth Battlefield

On June 28, 1778, General George Washington’s Continental Army attacked the British just outside Monmouth Court House in New Jersey, launching a storied Revolutionary War battle. Today, Monmouth Battlefield State Park preserves that moment, as well as a rural, 18th-century… Read More

Belfast Wildlife Management Area map of Belfast WMA

We know that for conservation solutions to truly last they need to benefit the surrounding communities. After a two-year effort, we helped create the Belfast Wildlife Management Area in South Carolina. This new wildlife management area not only protects wildlife habitat, it also… Read More