Type of Place

Wild Havens


Animals depend on wild havens for home, food and safe migration. We also rely on wild places for environmental benefits like clean water—and for the sheer joy of exploring our great outdoors.  Learn More >>


Historic Places

Gettysburg Battlefield

American history begins outdoors, with the shores that greeted settlers, fields that witnessed battle and many places between—both famous and simply favorite—that mark our culture and community moments. Learn More >>


Vibrant Communities

Kayaking in Houston, TX

A vibrant community has a healthy environment and a healthy economy. That’s why we work toward both goals, by helping communities strategically plan development, train leaders in conservation and sustainably use natural resources. Learn More >>


Working Lands: Forests, Farms & Ranches

Work boots in a field

Did you know that 40 percent of America’s land is used for agriculture? And that forests cover about a third of the U.S.? For generations, we’ve have looked to these lands for food, jobs, family traditions and more. Today, we help keep “working” lands operating sustainably. Learn More >>