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We’ve demonstrated our passion for the American landscape by protecting more than 7 million acres across all 50 states. Whether we’re linking a forest back together in California or planning for recreational parks and greenspace in some of America’s largest cities, no problem is too complicated, no project too big.

At The Conservation Fund, we realize the value of nature, and we’re motivated by the bounty it has to offer. If we lose these precious lands and waters, we lose more than just trees and streams. We lose the character of communities, the jobs that depend on them and the wildlife that requires them.

Hiker in the forest.

We’ve protected thousands of miles of trails and millions of acres of forest.
Photo by Julie Bailie/Tandem Stock.

We’re protecting special places that wildlife need for shelter, food and safe migration, along with open spaces that people need, too—parks to play in, trails to hike on, historic sites to learn about, and more. 

Farmer's market

Part of our mission is to build connections between people and the land.
Photo by G Point Studio.

We’re preserving the integrity of landscapes, like stretches of Redwood forests in California and beautiful views along the Appalachian Trail. We also roll up our sleeves to find smart conservation solutions, like enhancing technologies to produce healthy fish and loans to expand family farms.

little girl at the park

Beyonce Chavez enjoys Mariposa Butterfly Park in Los Angeles, where we’re helping create an “Emerald Necklace.”
Photo by Whitney Flanagan/The Conservation Fund.

Protecting the open space around us is imperative, and keeping it healthy is a necessity. We help towns, cities and even states strategically plan for future growth. With your generous support today, you give us the opportunity to preserve the beauty of nature in some of America’s favorite places.



Alisa Borland
Alisa Borland Arlington, VA
(703) 525-6300

Vice President of Development Alisa Borland joined the Fund in 2004 and has overseen the organization’s fundraising during eight consecutive years of top charity rankings. Alisa holds a M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University and a B.A. from the University of Maryland.