The Partnership has established a multi-million dollar capital fund that will help ensure sustainable forestry, protect wildlife habitat and guarantee public access in the large, industrial forests of Itasca area of north-central Minnesota. The Partnership has set a three-year, $26 million goal to conserve working forests.


Upper Mississippi Forest Project
In July 2010 the Fund completed the largest conservation deal in Minnesota history with the protection of nearly 188,000 acres of Northwoods forests, wetlands and shoreline. Coupled with other forest conservation projects, the Upper Mississippi Forest project created more conserved recreation land than Minnesota’s current state park system.  The project was supported by the Forest Legacy Partnership. 

Minnesota Northwoods
The Northwoods is one of the largest unfragmented forest landscapes in the United States. In 2007, the partnership acquired a conservation easement on 51,000 acres of working forests, habitat and recreation lands in the Minnesota Northwoods. Located in Itasca and Koochiching counties, the nearly 80 square miles of forest provide key habitat for the Canada lynx, gray wolf, American black duck, American woodcock and dozens of other valued species.

Minnesota Forest Legacy Partnership


The Partners

The Minnesota Forest Legacy Partnership includes:

Sustainable Forestry? How Does It Work?

Protecting and maintaining working forests, and the communities that depend on them, remains one of the Fund's top conservation priorities. Watch the video to learn why.

Why Do Forests Matter?

At The Conservation Fund, we believe that well-managed forests can be both economically viable and ecologically sustainable, but like all other necessary parts of our national infrastructure, they need to be invested in and maintained. That's why, since 1985, we've protected more than a million forest acres across America. Protecting and maintaining working forests, and the communities that depend on them, remains one of our top conservation priorities.