The region’s economy and culture are defined by the Northern Forest and the timber and recreation jobs it supports. The region also provides clean drinking water for thousands of residents and habitat for a huge array of birds, fish and other wildlife including wolves, Canada lynx, bobcats, black bear and moose. Local residents treasure their connection to the land and all it provides.

In recent years, the region’s economy and resources have been put at risk by non-forest commercial and residential development that fragments the landscape and threatens the integrity of the forest. When large forested tracts are subdivided, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustainably manage forestland for timber, wildlife, water and recreation.

Our Role

In 2010, we worked with our partners to secure federal funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to secure 4,777 acres of northern New Hampshire forestland in Success Township directly surrounding the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, linking other conserved lands and ensuring continued public access through historic side trails. Thanks to a coalition of local leaders, state agencies, businesses and communities, the land was added to the Mahoosuc Mountain Range section of the Trail, and another 1,200 acres of bordering forestland in Shelburne have been conserved as working forest under a conservation easement.

The Mahoosuc Range and White Mountains along the Androscoggin River have defined life and provided livelihoods in Success Township, New Hampshire, for centuries.  Berlin, “The City that Trees Built,” depends on the great outdoors for jobs, recreation and quality of life. We’re keeping these connections intact by striving to protect 24,200 acres of working forest in the township. Through our Working Forest Fund, we purchased 9,000 acres near Berlin—including  the 286-acre Success Pond watershed and wetlands—to ensure that this land can continue to provide wildlife habitat, timber-related jobs and public recreation. We’re still working to protect an additional 15,200 acres of forest in Success Township through a permanent working forest conservation easement.

Why This Project Matters

Protecting landscape-scale forestland and habitat is key to conserving the rich mosaic of public lands spanning the New Hampshire-Maine border, including the White Mountain National Forest, Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the Appalachian Trail. It is also key to a four-state economic and conservation initiative across the Northern Forest to sustain the forest industry and develop opportunities for world-class outdoor recreation.

Mahoosuc Initiative



Why Do Forests Matter?

At The Conservation Fund, we believe that well-managed forests can be both economically viable and ecologically sustainable, but like all other necessary parts of our national infrastructure, they need to be invested in and maintained. That's why, since 1985, we've protected more than a million forest acres across America. Protecting and maintaining working forests, and the communities that depend on them, remains one of our top conservation priorities.

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