Media Statement: Upcoming Land Sale In Florida A Good Thing For Communities And Nature

November 14, 2013

forest in Florida

Forest in northern Florida. Photo by Freestone/Flickr

The St. Joe Company recently announced that it has entered into a sales agreement with AgReserves, Inc., a Utah corporation, to sell more than 380,000 acres of its non-strategic timberland and rural land in Northwest Florida. The sale is estimated to be for $565 million. 

The Conservation Fund will be working with AgReserves to identify areas with high ecological value and develop conservation strategies that preserve and enhance the health of the forests while supporting economic growth in the surrounding communities. 

The Fund’s President and CEO, Larry Selzer, is pleased with the agreement. The Conservation Fund fully supports AgReserves future purchase of 383,000 acres of timberland in northwest Florida. AgReserves has a strong history of conservation-based land management in the state; and we share a common vision of balancing critical economic development with important conservation outcomes. This significant acquisition greatly minimizes the chances of landscape fragmentation. We look forward to helping AgReserves develop conservation strategies that sustainably support economic growth and enhance environmental protection on the Florida Panhandle.”

To learn more about the upcoming sale, read the press release from the St. Joe Company. 


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