C&S Wholesale Grocers Helps Restore America’s Forests, Celebrates Planting of 15,000 Trees through Go Zero

April 15, 2010

One of the two tractors used to plant native oak and cypress trees at Grand Cote National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana.

Keene, NH—For the third year in a row, C&S Wholesale Grocers is helping The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero® program restore native forests for wildlife by offsetting the annual carbon dioxide emissions of its corporate headquarters buildings (including the estimated roundtrip commutes of its employees) and a percentage of two warehouse facilities. This year, C&S will support the planting of almost 10,000 trees and the restoration of 33 acres at two Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges: Grand Cote and Lake Ophelia. Since the company’s first grant to The Conservation Fund, C&S has supported the planting of approximately 15,000 trees and the restoration of 50 acres on behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Environmental sustainability is important to us. We’re gathering and interpreting data and using it to evaluate improvements in our business operations that will help reduce our impact on the planet,” said Scott Charlton, C&S Executive Vice President of Operations. “At the same time, we are supporting a program that makes a difference on the ground – for climate, wildlife and local communities.”

“C&S Wholesale Grocers is helping The Conservation Fund address many of the greatest environmental challenges of our timesaid Jena Meredith, The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero Director. “We applaud C&S for reducing its impact on the planet and increasing its environmental commitment every year. Their leadership creates healthier forests, protects biodiversity and enhances our nation’s public recreation areas.”

Go Zero works with individuals and companies like C&S Wholesale Grocers to help reduce, and then offset, the carbon footprint of everyday activities. Donations help plant native trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges. The trees will capture and store carbon over time, while also creating forest habitats that are critical to birds, fish, bears and other wildlife.

About The Conservation Fund
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