Disney Expands Forest Carbon Investments, Benefiting The Fund’s Sustainable Forest Management Projects In California

April 26, 2012

Redwoods in Big River Forest

Garcia River Forest. Photo by Matthew Gerhart

Arlington, VA — Disney announced today a $6 million investment to support forest carbon projects in California, including support for The Conservation Fund’s North Coast Forest Conservation initiative.

Renowned for its raw beauty and rich wildlife, forests across California’s north coast were heavily impacted by aggressive harvesting, changing timber owners and encroaching development, which resulted in forest loss with significant impact to spotted owls, salmon and other species that call the forest home. Since 2004, The Conservation Fund has worked with its partners to protect and restore more than 100,000 acres across Mendocino County while creating a supply of local jobs through sustainable timber management and sales of carbon offsets.

Disney’s announcement highlights several projects that help replant forests and improve forest management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve forests in the Mendocino, San Diego and Los Angeles areas. The company stated that today’s investment builds on Disney’s longstanding history of nature conservation and environmental stewardship, a legacy that spans more than sixty years.

“Disney’s citizenship efforts are focused on the well-being of children and families, and conserving nature for future generations is an important part of this commitment,” said Leslie Goodman, senior vice president of Corporate Citizenship at Disney. “The work we do with dedicated environmental stewards, including The Conservation Fund, is helping to protect forest ecosystems and wildlife habitats that are critical to the livelihood of communities across California.”

This investment marks more than $20 million from Disney to forest carbon projects since 2009.

“Disney’s continued support of forest conservation projects with The Conservation Fund is making a direct and positive impact on the forests of California’s north coast in ways that help generate revenue for the local economy while protecting redwoods and streams for steelhead trout and coho salmon,” said The Conservation Fund’s president, Larry Selzer. “We are thrilled by their renewed commitment to our North Coast Forest Conservation Initiative and their confidence in our work.”

In addition to restoring the forests’ watersheds and supporting local economies, these efforts fight climate change. The Conservation Fund’s north coast forest conservation projects are the largest to win recognition for reducing greenhouse gases under rules adopted by the Climate Action Reserve.

Download a PDF of the North Coast Forest Annual Report 2011.


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