Planning Partners

The Conservation Fund works with planning partners to shape visions of exceptional places and implement real estate projects that protect both natural and cultural resources. We invite you to learn more about our partners.

System Evaluation and Selection (SEAS)

Established in 1997 by Dr. Jozo Dujmović, SEAS is a firm that provides decision support solutions and consulting for complex evaluation and selection tasks. SEAS originally partnered with The Conservation Fund in the development of methodology for evaluation and selection of strategic mitigation opportunities for the NiSource MSHCP, and these tools also have been applied in projects for the Mid-America Regional Council and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

SEAS decision models and decision support software are based on the LSP method which has been developed by Dr. Dujmović using advanced soft computing concepts.  LSP method is unique in providing extreme flexibility in building complex, precise, and logically justified decision criteria. Using this methodology, the Fund can provide reliable and justifiable decisions that simultaneously maximize the suitability and affordability of the selected best alternative.

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WorldView Solutions Inc.

WorldView Solutions is an IT consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia that specializes in the application of geospatial information systems technology.  TCF staff worked closely with WorldView Solutions on the development of more than 100 Rapid Open Space Assessments of historically significant Civil War battlefields. Each battlefield assessment identifies key lands for protection and contains a GIS database integrating historic battlefield maps, existing land records information, natural resource data, and other supporting information. The open nature of the assessment design allows the process to be customized to any geography or particular conservation or planning interest. Partnering with WorldView on the project gave TCF access to an experienced group of GIS specialists that had access to the data resources and data conversion experience needed for the project. As a result, several important battlefields were protected based on the open space assessments. 

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