U-Haul logoU-Haul, the largest do-it-yourself moving company in North America, wanted to give its customers renting equipment at more than 17,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada and on uhaul.com a simple way to make their move a little bit greener. Beginning in 2007, the company partnered with The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero® program to offer customers a chance to donate $3, $5 or $10 at checkout to plant trees and offset their moving-related emissions. 

Overwhelmingly, customers choose to give back: more than one million U-Haul customers have elected to offset their emissions, raising over $3.3 million to plant 330,000 native trees on behalf of Go Zero and wildlife refuges nationwide. So far U-Haul donations have restored more than 1,225 acres of forest—that’s the size of 934 football fields—even larger than New York’s Central Park. Over the next 100 years those trees will trap an estimated 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide

Donations have also helped to protect working forests along California’s north coast, including the purchase of 52,500 tons of carbon from the Fund’s GarciaBig River and Salmon Creek forests in Mendocino County. 

In 2013, U-Haul also began supporting urban restoration, starting with Rouge Park in Detroit where 1,600 trees were planted over 2 acres. The plantings were done in partnership with Greening of Detroit as well as volunteers from Quicken Loans and CSX.  To support green job creation, we also launched the Growing Detroit’s Green Economy Fund which is making small grants to Detroit organizations that support entrepreneurs who use natural resources responsibly.

In 2014, U-Haul helped further the creation Lindsay Street Park, the first park in the English Avenue neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. The park will bring cleaner air and water, safer places to play and more job opportunities to an underserved neighborhood. 


Jena Meredith
Jena Thompson Meredith San Diego, CA
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As Director of Corporate Partnerships and Director of Go Zero, Jena Thompson Meredith has combined entrepreneurial vision and conservation ideals for a decade at The Conservation Fund. Jena has led initiatives with Dell, Delta, Mercedes-Benz USA, The North Face, Travelocity, U-Haul, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and many others. She holds a BA in English from the University of Texas.