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C & S Wholesale Grocers logoAs the largest food wholesaler in the United States, C&S Wholesale Grocers is committed to reducing its carbon footprint when storing and shipping food—and that’s making a difference in the air, on the ground and in our streams and rivers.  C&S is working with The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program to measure the CO2 emissions from key facilities, and then offset those emissions by planting trees—more than 46,000 so far across 150 acres.

In its six years as a Go Zero partner, C&S has contributed to the planting of 46,790 trees at five national wildlife refuges nationwide.  This year’s gift will offset the annual CO2 emissions associated with the electricity and propane use at six facilities, including two corporate headquarters buildings for 2012. The donation also offsets the emissions associated with the annual roundtrip employee commutes for more than 1,600 employees

The Fund’s Go Zero program works with individuals and companies such as C&S Wholesale Grocers to help reduce, and then offset, the carbon footprint of everyday activities. Donations help plant native trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges nationwide.

“The Conservation Fund is helping us build momentum to reduce our environmental footprint. Its Go Zero program leverages our ongoing commitment to sustainability: monitoring and interpreting energy use data, expanding our recycling initiatives, and investing in energy efficiency upgrades.”

— Scott Charlton
C&S Executive Vice President of Operations

C & S Wholesale Go Zero

C&S was named a Hero of Go Zero in honor of Earth Day 2012. Photo: Mark Corliss. Employees at the Keene, N.H.


Would you like to help your company offset its carbon footprint?  Contact Jena Meredith (see information below) to find out how you can become a Go Zero partner.


Jena Meredith
Jena Thompson Meredith San Diego, CA
(512) 423-5086

As Director of Corporate Partnerships and Director of Go Zero, Jena Thompson Meredith has combined entrepreneurial vision and conservation ideals for a decade at The Conservation Fund. Jena has led initiatives with Dell, Delta, Mercedes-Benz USA, The North Face, Travelocity, U-Haul, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and many others. She holds a BA in English from the University of Texas.