Jena Thompson Meredith

Vice President, Business Partnerships

Jena Thompson MeredithWith more than a decade at The Conservation Fund, Jena directs all corporate relations efforts and is co-founder of the Go Zero program. 

Specializing in marketing, communications, green jobs, sustainable business development, corporate social responsibility, and fundraising, Jena has launched successful campaigns with major companies to inspire employees, engage customers and make lasting impacts for land, wildlife and communities. These companies include Apple, Dell, Delta, Disney, Mercedes Benz USA, The Home Depot, Travelocity, The North Face, U-Haul, UPS and many more.

Jena launched Go Zero to help address two major environmental challenges of our time: habitat loss and climate change. Two million Go Zero customers and 135 leading companies collectively raised $13 million to plant millions of native trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges. In addition to capturing and storing carbon over time, this effort will also create forest habitat critical to birds, fish, bears and other wildlife. Jena also works with closely with companies to generate support for The Conservation Fund's Working Forest Fund, which addresses an urgent conservation challenge: the loss of America’s last big, intact, privately-held forests.

Contact:   Phone: 858-356-2336   Office: San Diego

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