Ginny Trocchio

Program Manager, Midwest

Ginny TrocchioGinny Trocchio joined TCF in 2005 and serves as Program Manager for TCF in the Midwest.   Ginny is the lead on implementation of projects focused on food security and farmland preservation.  Under the food security projects, Ginny brings together farmers, nutrition programs and farmers markets to increase the supply of healthy food for low income communities.  Ginny also serves as lead with TCF's long time partner, The City of Ann Arbor to implement a $80 million farmland and parkland preservation program, funded through a local tax levy.

Ginny holds a B.S. degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Baylor University and a M.S. degree in Natural Resource Policy from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment.

Contact:   Phone:  (734) 794-6210 X42798   Office: Ann Arbor, Michigan

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