Staff Contact and Bios


Cynthia Brown

Cynthia Brown
Program Specialist
Office: (919) 489-9790 

Cynthia provides direct technical assistance to community partners on a range of organizational development issues, including board development, grant writing, and strategic planning. She utilizes her 25 years of experience to increase capacity to build effective organizations, establish working alliances and advocate for public policies that address community needs.

Margaret Conrad, Consultant

Margaret Conrad
Office: (919) 818-8138

Margaret works with community partners on a variety of topics, including board development, fundraising and business planning. She also provides guidance to program staff on fundraising and policy initiatives. She combines extensive experience in the political arena with local community service to many organizations. Margaret is the principal of Polities Consulting.

Sarah Guidi, RCP Community Trainer

Sarah Guidi
Training Specialist
Office: (919) 951-0114  

Sarah provides technical assistance to strengthen grassroots organizations’ ability to serve their communities. She uses her social work background and training in nonprofit leadership to provide guidance around board development, program evaluation and planning for sustainability.

Jesalyn Keziah

Jesalyn Keziah
Community Food Coordinator
Office: (919) 951-7844  

Jesalyn works as a “pollinator,” connecting community groups with resources and networks to support initiatives that advance local food access. She draws on experiences in food-centered community organizing and advocacy as well as her deep roots in rural North Carolina, where she was first inspired by a beehive as a model for a community working together.

Kathleen Marks, Associate Director

Kathleen Marks
Associate Director
Office: (919) 951-0111

Kathleen brings 20 years of communication/ administration experience to the program. She administers Resourceful Communities’ small grants program, develops and coordinates workshops, provides project management, and connects partners and staff with information, resources and each other.

Monica McCann, Associate Director

Monica McCann
Associate Director
Office: (919) 951-0110

Monica utilizes her environmental planning background to help communities create entrepreneurial opportunities through sustainable land use practices, including community-based forestry and ecotourism. She develops and delivers workshops and provides project oversight.

Donna Pratt, Program Assistant

Donna Pratt
Event and Project Coordinator
Office: (919) 951-0116

With more than 10 years of event planning experience, Donna coordinates a variety of trainings for community partners. She uses administrative and management skills to strengthen program structure and to evaluate delivery of services. Donna provides budget oversight and analysis for workshops.

Susan Sachs, Consultant


Susan Sachs
Office: (919) 493-4438

Susan works as a trainer, facilitator and technical assistance provider in the areas of strategic planning, program development and fundraising. With 20 years of experience in nonprofit management and organizational development, she supports grassroots partners in building capacity and planning for long-term sustainability. She is principal of Durham-based Starfire Consulting.

Mikki Sager, Vice President

Mikki Sager
Vice President and Program Director
Office: (919) 967-2978

Mikki brings more than 25 years of experience to the program. She provides training in program development, fundraising, grant writing and project management as well as coaching on developing partnerships with funders and service providers. Mikki also represents communities nationwide at presentations and conferences.

Julius Tillery

Julius Tillery
Food & Farm Field Coordinator
Office: (919) 951-7843

Julius helps farm communities connect to resources and technical assistance to advance innovative new enterprises. He brings a strong understanding of rural economic development and direct experience in farming. His work in the field includes agricultural business planning, new enterprise development and farm advocacy.