Mission & Approach

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Resourceful Communities is a grassroots network that implements the triple bottom line in low-wealth communities by building capacity and a statewide movement that advocates for sustainable economic development, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

Our Approach

Our work is asset-based and partner-driven.  We help communities build on their greatest strengths: people, land and tradition.  We support partners through three primary strategies: capacity building, direct small grants, and facilitated awareness of, and access to, additional resources.

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Partner Driven

We build trusted relationships and follow the lead and wisdom of local leaders to craft strategies that build on assets, address deficits and strengthen communities. Through our peer learning network, partner organizations mentor and model for one another to foster sustainable collaborations that net meaningful results. Partners provide ongoing input into programs.

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Building Skills and Engaging Communities

We help partners access resources and learn techniques to advance nontraditional, asset-based approaches to resolving age-old problems such as environmental degradation, poverty and racism. We provide direct technical assistance and help local leaders build capacity to implement triple bottom line efforts.

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Growing Access and Understanding

Recognizing that we have different power and privilege than our partners, we foster authentic relationships and promote social change by facilitating access to power and resources and challenging our peers to share power equitably.