Innovative Initiatives

Our emphasis on the triple bottom line means that Resourceful Communities engages in work and with partners that represent a broad range of issues, including: renewable energy; access to healthy food; eco- and heritage-tourism; youth leadership development; cultural preservation and more.

We also recognize that some issues call for special attention because they are timely, innovative, and linked to the broader mission of The Conservation Fund.  We have built initiatives around these issues, choosing to focus a portion of our resources on advancing solutions across North Carolina’s most economically and socially distressed communities.

Our current initiatives include:
 Hoke Community Forest by Natalie Abbassi  
Community Forestry

Establishing Hoke Community Forest, the first community-owned forest in the Southeast.

Healthy Communities

Using Resourceful Communities’ approach to increase access to healthy food and opportunities for physical activity.

SFHA Fruits and Vegetables  
Building More Inclusive Local Food Systems

Helping communities address the barriers that exclude low-income communities and farmers from actively participating in their local food system.