Women in a farm field/Photo Joe Gravely

Our rural counties face tremendous challenges.  In North Carolina, Resourceful Communities creates opportunities that preserve the rural landscape, lift people out of poverty and celebrate the state’s unique culture. 

Working with a network of 300 grassroots and community organizations across the state, we take a balanced “triple bottom line” approach that focuses on environmental stewardship, sustainable economic development and social justice.  We help partners meet challenges by building on local assets—people, heritage, land and water—to create sustainable communities.

Resourceful Communities has built a foundation of innovation, collaboration and results-oriented initiatives. The numbers speak for themselves: We have invested more than $2.2 million in triple-bottom-line projects, leveraging over $22 million; trained more than 5,000 community leaders; and made it possible to create more than 425 jobs.

The Gardening Lesson

Watch as a grandmother talks about teaching her grandson how to garden through Common Ground, a grassroots organization in Eastern North Carolina. We support Common Ground and similar organizations across the state.