Information For Lenders

Make NCIF part of your bank’s strategy to reach and support local small businesses.

For more than 10 years, we’ve successfully partnered with banks and community based lenders of all sizes to ensure qualified clients have the services they need to grow their enterprise.

Below are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Co-lending with your bank:  NCIF can fund a portion of total project costs, taking a subordinate collateral position. Co-lending allows the bank to say “yes” to a loan for valued clients when collateral or equity is not quite sufficient to meet bank underwriting standards.
  • Referring loans: We may be able to lend money to a client whose commercial project is not yet bankable. A referral to NCIF keeps the bank relationship intact, while supporting your client’s small business efforts.
  • Structuring growth financing: NCIF functions like equity for fast-growing companies. We work closely with the bank to structure new equity funds to compliment and support the company’s traditional financing.
  • Extensive business development services: We have many resources partners that can help your clients complete a business plan, explore feasibility, conduct an energy audit, or create financial projections needed for a loan package. Additionally, NCIF will contract with outside experts if needed.

For details on how your lending institution can work with NCIF, contact Anna Tefft, Director of Lending, at (336) 734-6902 or