Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy savings can make a huge impact on your small business’s bottom line.

And, as an environmentally focused non-profit lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund is committed to providing consulting and affordable capital to enterprises that want to take control of their energy costs.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs perform audits, invest in HVAC upgrades, install new energy efficient equipment, and add renewable energy sources such as solar PV and solar thermal to reduce their energy consumption and improve their bottom line.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments can have high initial costs. But, at NCIF, we’ve seen these investments pay big dividends for small businesses through:

  • reduced operating costs;
  • lower environmental impact; and
  • increased cashflow so your business can compete and grow.


Getting Started

Ready to tackle your energy costs and grow your bottom line? Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Schedule an energy audit to identify where your business is wasting energy and dollars. Hannah Vargason can help you locate an auditor in your area.
  2. Develop an energy savings plan to implement the auditor’s recommendations. We can help you identify grants or rebate programs that can reduce costs.
  3. Once your plan is complete, we can provide your business with financing to put your energy savings plan into action.


Our Energy Efficiency Loans

Loan Size:


Up to $500,000

Interest Rate:  

Market Rate

Loan Term:  

Up to 10 Years

Who’s Eligible?  

Any business or non-profit with industrial, retail or commercial facilities in WV, NC, and the Appalachian regions of MD, VA, TN, KY, and OH. Businesses that provide energy efficiency or renewable energy services are also eligible.

Eligible Uses:


Fixed asset or working capital investments that provide significant reductions in energy consumption or emissions.

Additionally, we are able to partner with traditional lenders, community development funds and government credit-enhancement programs to participate in financing, which increases capital flow to energy projects. Click here to learn how.