Case Study: Rural Business Energy Efficiency Project

West Virginia Rural Grocery Store is trying to find a way to reduce its energy bills. They have older refrigerators, coolers, old lighting and HVAC. The building could be better insulated.

Owners have heard about some programs that might help them and request an energy audit. The energy auditors talk to the owners and tell them what is involved with an energy audit and how much they will have to pay for the audit.

After the energy audit is completed, the audit information lets the owners know that they are paying for more energy use than they need and that new equipment and some other practices will save them money.

The owners decide to make improvements and they found out that the USDA has a cost share grant to apply for that will pay 25% of the cost of the project. The owners also had received some information from their power company about a rebate program to help share the cost of the energy uplift and they keep hearing about a not for profit community development that will lend to rural businesses called Natural Capital Investment Fund.

The owners got estimates for the energy efficiency up fit and started some additional energy efficiency practices on their own.

Project Cost: $75,000

USDA Cost Share of 25%=              – $18,750 AEP Energy Rebate up to 50%=      -$37,500

*Amount Financed =                            $18,750


Benefits To Rural Grocery Owner

  • Saving $$$ on energy costs
  • Creating more display space in refrigeration units
  • Better lighting yielding more enticing products for customers to purchase.
  • New HVAC better climate control less spoilage and more comfortable customers.
  • Increased bottom line.
  • Grocery Store Owners make sure customers know that they are “going greener” and have promotion to celebrate.