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We are a conservation leader, not just a lender.

The Conservation Fund helps local conservationists succeed through our Land Conservation Loan Program by providing flexible financing and capacity to swiftly purchase high-priority lands that come up for sale. Because we actively work in land conservation across the United States, we’re able to evaluate potential projects and counsel land trust and nonprofit staff on real estate transactions and related needs, such as fundraising and marketing. 

Since the Land Conservation Loan Program’s first loan in 1993, we’ve made a lasting impact on American land conservation. Today, our fund stands at roughly $50 million. By continually revolving these dollars, we have provided more than $140 million in more than 200 loans to roughly 100 partners. With our backing, local conservationists have protected more than 100,000 acres across 33 states—lands valued at nearly $250 million. These include at least seven battlefields, five state parks, 25 natural areas for wildlife, eight forests, 35 farms, 17 historic sites, eight trails, 23 open space areas and much more.

What We Offer:

We work with each of our partners to help them reach their conservation goals in a
way that meets their unique needs. Unlike commercial lenders, whose services are
limited, we offer a wide range of assistance to help you do conservation smarter
and better. We invest in your success. Think of us as partners, mentors and trusted
advisors. We offer:

  • Experience: We offer technical assistance throughout a real estate deal.
  • Flexibility: We provide a practical payment schedule, collateral requests and rates. 
  • Momentum: We’re committed to moving swiftly, keeping you on schedule.

“Your banker is just interested in return on investment. We’re interested in being your partner in conservation. Our technical assistance is more than just processing a loan application. We can help you navigate complex issues to enhance your capacity and make you a stronger organization.”— Ole Amundsen, Program Manager, Land Conservation Loan Program.

Contact Reggie Hall or Ole Amundsen for more information about our loan program and whether we can help you finance your next project.

You can also purchase the complete four part series of webinars on bridge financing that Reggie and Ole recorded with The Land Trust Alliance.


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