Tree Planting

tree planting

Volunteers planting trees at Marais des Cygnes NWR in Kansas. Photo by The Conservation Fund.

Go Zero also does a number of tree planting projects across the country, each offering a unique benefit to climate and community. While these projects locations may be too small for a carbon projects, they are providing important benefits for both planet and people. Whether we are restoring urban parks or restoring additional land on existing refuges, our tree planting projects are providing habitats, recreational areas, clean air and clean water.

Go Zero At Upper Ouachita NWR Louisiana Tree Planting

Planting treesIn 2013 and 2014, we aim to restore 400 acres, directly adjacent to our Go Zero carbon project lands. While these acres will not be validated to a carbon standard, the trees will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide important key climate benefits including cleaner air and cleaner water…Read more

Go Zero At Santee NWR South Carolina Tree Planting

longleaf pineHistorically, longleaf pine territory was enormous, covering the southern United States from southwest Virginia through nine states including South Carolina, Georgia and into east Texas. However, for the past 150 years exploitation of longleaf pine forest has dramatically changed the southern landscape…Read more

Go Zero At Rouge Park, Detroit Tree Planting

tree planting at Rouge ParkRouge Park, with two miles of the River Rouge running through it, is an urban restoration project. Established in 1920, the park is 40 percent larger than Central Park and covers more than 1,100 acres of mostly undeveloped land. Rouge Park is the only remaining riparian forest in Detroit and is home to a variety of wildlife and native prairieland…Read more