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The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program works with individuals, companies and foundations to address climate change and habitat loss by protecting and restoring America’s forests. We plant native trees, restore parks and wildlife refuges, and protect working forests through the sales of carbon offsets.  Our Tree House Blog is rooted in our balanced approach to conservation.  Here, we’ll celebrate donors, partners and industry leaders whose projects include a host of benefits that strengthen our green economy, clean the air and water for our communities, and restore the biodiversity of our country.  So climb up and join us today. The view from our tree house is spectacular. 


What did Go Zero do in 2014? We made the world a better place. And you made that possible.

January 13, 2015  What a year 2014 was! Thanks to the support of our partners and donors, The Conservation Fund’s forest carbon team had a truly remarkable year for wildlife, forests and climate. Go Zero donations supported the planting of more than 130,000 native trees in wildlife refuges across the country. Two of our restoration efforts  Read More


Photo: USFWS

Carrie Gombos, Conservation Associate at The Conservation Fund

EPA’s Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule Overview by The Conservation Fund’s Carrie Gombos

December 19, 2014  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. EPA’s proposed rule, also known as the Clean Power Plan, was released on June 2, 2014, and will set guidelines for states to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired power plants. Read More


Photo: USFWS

Photo: USFWS

Get Outside and Go Wild. Forest Offsets Score Double Win for Exploration and Wildlife

December 16, 2014  Nearly 50 years ago the The North Face® was founded with the mission to build the best gear for the outdoors, support the preservation of wild places and inspire a global movement of outdoor exploration. Today the North Face is still passionate about its mission and exploration but it is also exploring important ways to reduce its carbon emissions and to address climate change. Read More 



On the Wings of Eagles – Soaring High at Seven

December 8, 2014  On the seventh anniversary of a partnership between The Philadelphia Eagles and The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero® program, which helps protect and restore forests for wildlife and people, there are many reasons to stand up and cheer. The Eagles have been all star players in Go Zero, donating each year to zero out the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the team’s travel by planting trees and restoring habitat for wildlife.  Read More 


Photo courtesy of Ecosystems Marketplace.

Beyond Carbon – Benefits The Talk Of The Forest Carbon Markets*

November 26, 2014  Though demand for forest carbon offsets grew 17% in 2013, market participants recognize the need to scale up faster in order to curb emissions from deforestation and land-use change. Attendees at Ecosystem Marketplace’s launch of the State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2014 at the World Bank last Friday discussed the policy developments that could guide growth – and how the certification of co-benefits could shape demand. Members of the Go Zero carbon team joined the discussion. We have reposted this with permission – it was originally posted on November 24, 2014 in Ecosystem Marketplace’s News and Articles. Read More 


Photo courtesy of Matt Gerhert.

2014 SFI Annual Conference Leaves a Lighter Footprint for Forests

August 22, 2014  Every day, The Conservation Fund works to prevent the loss of America’s last large and intact privately-held forests.  With a core belief that environmental protection and economic vitality fundamentally reinforce one another, we strive to ensure the forests’ vital role in providing clean air, water and wildlife habitat, while guaranteeing they also benefit people in communities across America.  Read More 


Scott S pic2

Scott Settelmyer, managing director and co-founder of TerraCarbon

Finding A Better Way To Play by TerraCarbon Co-Founder Scott Settelmyer 

August 7, 2014  Last week, I attended the 4th annual summit of the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) with 700 other fans of both sports and the environment.  The Green Sports Alliance is an organization dedicated to helping sports teams, venues, and leagues  enhance their environmental performance. Read More 



Proctor Creek runs through Lindsay Street Park.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Flanagan.

U-Haul And The Conservation Fund Pledge $375,000 Over Three Years To Advance Parks With Purpose In Atlanta 

June 10, 2014 Through a three-year investment in the Fund’s Parks With Purpose program, U-Haul and its customers will support work to bring community members, businesses and city officials together to improve the environment, the local economy. Read More



Cypress tree swamp Red River

Photo courtesy of Doug Mace.

Two Projects Make Carbon History

May 27, 2014 The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program is proud to announce North America’s first two reforestation projects verified to the standards of the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA Standards) at the Gold Level.   Read More 



Big River Forest

Photo courtesy of Chris Kelly

Reimagining The Water Cycle

Apr 22, 2014 Do you remember learning about the water cycle when you were young? The water cycle at the Garcia River Forest along California’s North Coast is straight out of a textbook.   Read More 



Photo Courtesy of Afterglow Cosmetics

Photo Courtesy of Afterglow Cosmetics

How To Hug A Tree By Afterglow Founder Kristin Adams*

Apr 22, 2014  Two summers ago, my dear friend and I went on a 500+ mile epic hike called Camino de Santiago across Spain.  Read More




Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Dell’s Plant-A-Tree Program Leaving A Legacy For Good  

April 12, 2014 Back in November, we pulled out one of our Dell laptops and tapped into a live stream cast of VERGE  in San Francisco to watch Dell’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, Trisa Thompson, unveil Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good plan. Read More



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