The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program works with individuals, companies and foundations to address climate change and habitat loss by protecting and restoring America’s forests.  With Go Zero, you can engage customers, inspire employees, meet reduction goals and make a real difference on the ground.

Go Zero supports both improved forest management and forest restoration carbon reduction projects. It also supports ceremonial tree planting in some of America’s favorite places.

Go Zero focuses exclusively on partners interested in voluntary emission reductions and philanthropic support through forest carbon projects.  What does this mean?  It means carbon reduced from Go Zero donations is either retired or withheld from the carbon market entirely. It cannot be banked, traded or sold by donors in the future.

Mollicy Farm unit at Upper Ouachita NWR

At Upper Ouachita NWR the Ouachita River separates two very different landscapes: A lush forest of native Northern Louisiana trees covers the west side, while on the east open farm fields unfold for acres. Through Go Zero, we’re restoring the land to its natural floodplain by restoring forests. Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

What Can Go Zero Do For Your Company?
  • Engage customers at the point of purchase to offset emissions and/or plant trees
  • Reduce the impact from fleets, employee commutes or corporate business travel
  • Offset energy use at select facilities including offices, manufacturing or retail locations
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of conferences, corporate events, annual meetings or other events
  • Meet corporate sustainability and reporting goals and enhance corporate responsibility programs.
The Go Zero Advantage
  • With more than a decade of expertise in forest carbon, we are a trusted and established project developer, land owner and conservation partner, working closely with expert biologists and foresters, and with the state and federal conservation agencies, to make sure America’s forests are protected for the long term.
  • Our projects include a host of benefits that strengthen our green economy, clean the air and water for our communities, and restore the biodiversity of our country.
  • We are lean and green which means we can be your low cost provider while maintaining your confidence that every dollar you donate will go further toward conservation and restoration than any other organization.
  • From “all-American” to “collaboration,” here are 10 reasons to choose The Fund.
The Partner Of Choice: A Leader In Forest Carbon
measuring a tree for carbon offset verification

The Fund’s timberlands manager, Scott Kelly, measures a tree at one of our North Coast forests in California. We have completed more audits and generated more verified forest offsets than any other group in the nation. Photo by Whitney Flanagan/The Conservation Fund.

From the Mississippi Valley to California’s North Coast, The Conservation Fund remains a leader in forest carbon across the United States. Three of our North Coast (California) projects have been validated to the Climate Action Reserve Standard and we have completed more audits and generated more verified forest offsets than any other group in the nation.

Five of our Go Zero reforestation projects have been validated at the gold level under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards—no other group in the nation has as many. We are planting trees at strategic sites to restore the Rouge River watershed in Detroit and the longleaf pine forests in South Carolina.

Our high-quality carbon offset projects are developed with careful consideration of climate and community benefits. In addition to being real, verifiable and permanent, and additional our projects ensure native species growth, clean air and water, recreational areas, and support the green economy. Because 100% of our Go Zero offsets are either permanently retired or withheld from the carbon market entirely, you can feel confident that your investment is never double counted.

Carbon at a Glance

125,000 acres of working forest protected

25,000 acres forestland restored

10 million trees planted

More Information

Go Zero Brochure 

Carbon Highlights

Compliance Offsets

For buyers interested in compliance-grade offsets that can be traded in the future, contact Chris Kelly at

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