Travis May

Travis May, Freshwater InstituteTravis May is the Aquaculture System Manager at the Freshwater Institute. He holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Natural Resource Management from Shepherd University (2010) and has experience in every facet of aquaculture systems from the most advanced recirculation technology to traditional flow-through technology.  Travis began his career working with a major state fisheries division producing stockable trout in raceways, executing scheduled feeding and cleaning plans and assisting with facilities maintenance.  Most recently, Travis was a production manager for a major commercial yellow perch producer.  Travis was responsible staff management and training, and the production of over 1000 metric tons of yellow perch annually in one of the largest and most advanced food fish RAS systems in the U.S.  Travis has a strong background in HACCP implementation, SOP development and system maintenance, bioplan data collection and harvest scheduling, and supervision of INAD studies. He is especially skilled in the integration of people, biology and business elements of aquaculture enterprises.