Thomas Waldrop

Thomas WaldropThomas Waldrop is the Aquaculture Systems Manager for the Freshwater Institute, a field office and program of The Conservation Fund, Arlington, VA.

Thomas earned a B.S. in Fisheries Science from Virginia Tech in 1994.  After early experience as a Fisheries Technician at the University of Georgia and later as a Biological Science Technician with USGS, Thomas joined the Freshwater Institute team in 1999.  Thomas is the primary lead for all fish culture activities from hatchery to harvest while monitoring and maintaining critical aquaculture production systems and components.  Thomas has special interests in the practical management and risk reduction practices that are fundamental to successful operation of commercial aquaculture facilities.  He is experienced in the start-up and commissioning of large-scale intensive recirculation production systems and is a sought-after speaker and advisor for practical aquaculture workshops.