Michael Schwartz

Michael SchwartzMichael F. Schwartz, M.S., is a Senior Environmental Associate with the Freshwater Institute. Michael received his M.S. in Aquaculture/Water Quality Management from Auburn University and his B.S. in Fisheries Management from Delaware State College.

Before coming to the Institute, Michael worked as a research associate in the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn, and as a research contractor for the National Biological Service at the National Fisheries Research and Development Laboratory in Wellsboro, PA. He is responsible for environmental projects at the Institute involving environmental management and planning as well as geospatial analysis. Recent activities include Chesapeake Bay Restoration efforts and the development of green infrastructure frameworks at the state and regional scale. Michael is a member of the American Water Resources Association, Society for Conservation GIS, and West Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Implementation Committee.

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Mr. Schwartz speaking during a workshop

Contact Mr. Schwartz by e-mail at m.schwartz@freshwaterinstitute.org or by phone at 304-876-2815 ext.237.

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