Joseph Hankins

Joe HankinsJoe Hankins is the Director of the Freshwater Institute and a Vice President of The Conservation Fund. Joe holds a B.S. in General Science from Purdue University and a Masters in Environmental Biology from Hood College. He is known for bringing a biologist’s eye and an entrepreneur’s passion to the modern issues in conservation.

Joe joined the Fund in 1992 to develop aquaculture, sustainable rural economic development and technology outreach in Appalachia. Today he leads an internationally recognized research and consulting program focused on water reuse technology in food production. In addition to his work at the Freshwater Institute, Joe serves as an Officer of the Natural Capital Investment Fund. He is active in local and regional work-groups focused on the strategic importance of water, community water infrastructure planning, and life cycle assessment.

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Joe pauses during a tour of the Freshwater Institute’s grounds

Contact Joe by email at or voice at 304-876-2815 ext.212.

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