John Davidson

John DavidsonJohn W. Davidson III, M.S. is a Senior Research Associate at the Freshwater Institute. He has worked at the Freshwater Institute since 1998, originally starting as a part-time research assistant. John holds a Masters of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Resources from West Virginia University and a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Shepherd College.

John’s research has focused on the land-based aquaculture of salmonid species and recirculating aquaculture systems technology, with specific projects related to system hydraulics, waste management, aquaculture production noise, water quality, and nitrate nitrogen toxicity. He also manages aquaculture production systems in several buildings onsite and oversees the annual production of rainbow trout for supplemental stocking in support of the state of Maryland’s recreational trout fishing program. While at the Freshwater Institute, John has authored 20 peer review research articles published in various aquaculture journals, including Aquacultural Engineering and Aquaculture, and has received several Superior Paper Awards from the Aquacultural Engineering Society.

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Mr. Davidson with a prized catch

You can contact John by email at or by phone at 304-876-2815 ext.221.