Christopher Good

Christopher GoodChristopher M. Good, D.V.M., Ph.D., is the Director of Aquatic Veterinary Research at the Freshwater Institute, a field office and program of The Conservation Fund, Arlington, VA.  

Dr. Good earned his B.Sc. from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) and went on to earn his M.Sc., D.V.M. and Ph.D. from the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Good began work at The Freshwater Institute in 2007, and his research has focused on improving the sustainability of the aquaculture industry through enhanced health and welfare of farmed fish, with recent emphasis on Atlantic salmon grown to market size in closed containment water recirculation facilities. He is involved in peer-reviewed and industry publications, lectures at conferences and workshops, and frequent interaction with government, industry, and private non-profit stakeholders..