Brianna Taylor

Taylor-150x150Brianna Taylor is the Environmental Lab Technician at the Freshwater Institute.  A 2014 B.S. graduate from Shepherd University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, Brianna also brings a year of experience working hands-on in the lab as an intern while in school.

As Environmental Lab Technician, Brianna is responsible for the bench-top water quality analysis that underpins much of the research at the Institute. Brianna specializes in water quality analysis for nitrogen and phosphorus, microbial contaminants and biological and chemical oxygen demand.  Brianna is skilled with spectrophotometric and UV transmittance testing.  Brianna is also responsible for facility NPDES sampling, developing QAQC and SOP procedures for client projects, and deploying auto-sampling equipment in the field. 

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Brianna conducts a test on the latest batch of water samples

You can contact Brianna at or at 304-876-2815 ext.224.